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Private Lessons are one on one individually crafted sessions geared to teach the exercises of the Pilates Method along with body awareness. Clients will leave learning a new challenge for their body along with homework to take home with them to practice that new challenge. No experience necessary; everyone starts as a beginner. Advanced scheduling is required. Lessons are 50-55 minutes long. Semi-Private Lessons are two to three people with one teacher working on the apparatus and learning the Pilates Method. Less individualized as a private lesson, semi-privates can be just as challenging and more fun when shared with a friend. Although it is preferred to have prior experience for knowledge of the apparatus and exercises, you and your friend/ s can learn all the ins and outs together. Advanced scheduling is  required. Lessons are 50-55 minutes long.
Joseph Hubertus Pilates at ages 57 and 82
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